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The thirst

I thirst I yearn I crave I want I need.....🤦 My 'insatiables' will continue to draw energy from my mind, soul and the universe. At times I feel so alone, so unlucky, so rejected, poor and cursed. Then I realize that amidst my imperfections and 'insatiables', I'm also blessed to have been beautifully wrought by he who made me in my mother's womb. (that's what they say🤷) At least he blessed me with some patience and wisdom. And also, she who gave me my first baths; Mum says that She who bathes a baby can actually sculpt and shape how it should look when it gets old.👀😁. Maybe that's why and how I ended up with heavy standing breasts, a round waist and a bouncy backside.🤔 But an incredible 26 years of life's experience has taught me, that one can become whoever they want to become.  It neither matters how she who gave you your first bath sculpted you nor what he who made you in your mother's womb blessed you with; they have already played their