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The dirty dishes

Many children in the average Ghanaian houshold cannot escape house chores; some of which includes sweeping the compound, fetching water from the community vantage tap, sending the refuse to its respective dump, doing dishes, cleaning the hen coop, going into the bush with a cutlass and a jute sack to look for and cut grass for the goats' feeding, doing the laundry, among others; Or at least those were most of my chores as a child.  However, the chore I dreaded doing the most was to wash the dirty dishes. Being the perfectionist that I was as a child, cleaning the dishes would mean that I would have to spend a lot of time scraping and rinsing. Anytime I heard my mother call out my name to go and do the dishes, my fragile heart would skip a beat. I could sometimes shed a bucket of tears before beginning the process of doing the dishes. We didn't have a sink, so I usually used basins. Other times I would spend an awful amount of time wallowing and dreading of the thoughts of doing

Time NO Dey!

Time..... ⌚ Infinite, yet so limited. Abundant, yet so scarce. Free, yet so expensive. The concept of time is understood differently by different entities....  ⌚⌚ To the new born, it is an endless loop of tears, breast milk and sleep. But to it's mother, it is a seamless fabric of hope, because only time will reveal the days the child will sit, crawl, walk and eventually, run. Hope, to the sad and depressed, because "time heals all wounds".... or so they say. Too fast, at the same time, just enough for each exam candidate in an academic exam hall. ⌚⌚⌚ "How time flies, when you're having fun"... Indeed, the time actually flies to an unknown place. The young grows old, and the old dies. That's just the law of life. Time no dey! Do not waste the remaining of yours. Hence, My new piece.... Time no dey - 4:00 Release date : July 7, 2023. Lyrics and composition: Rama Blak, Obiri Tete Introduction: Akofena, Fapempong. Lead Vocals: Rama Blak, Obiri Tete Bac