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Thoughts for thought.

I've been thinking. What other comforting news or systems have been put in place for those of us who hail from nothing, but the love of our parents and the little food and shelter they spent their entire lives to provide? 🎨🖌️ Apart from from luck, grace, working hard and smart, and self motivation which keeps us going, brings food to our table and keeps us alive, there is nothing like a trust fund, an inheritance, a secret savings account or an insurance that we can fall on, if things go south and grey. 🎨🖌️ Where I come from, your little achievements, comfort and happiness stimulates your family and friends into jealousy and raised eyebrows which will subsequently lead to a scheme to pull you down. 🎨🖌️ When you fall in love with a rich man, "you are in love with him because of his money". Your burdens and your family's burdens becomes his burden. He will eventually get tired and his love and respect for you will diminish. After all, "you're just a a bu