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My brown shoes II

......  I got up off the floor, dusted my self and wiped my tears. I took a warm shower and dressed up. I picked up my phone and googled the names and contacts of individuals who were selling their cars. Mostly slightly used ones. I found a few of those on various trading platforms. I then walked out to purchase a new sim card and also to meet Justin at Rawlings Circle; which was a few minutes drive from my hostel of residence. Justin was also my course mate in school. He almost never showed up for lectures so he couldn't graduate with us. He didn't seem to be bothered though. He was doing quite well for himself. Justin had a soft spot for me; he asked me out in level 100 but I turned him down; So we agreed to remain friends. He told me about his source of his income, and trust me, it's better I don't talk about it.  👞👞 Anyways, I collected from him what I went to him for. It was a bag full of fake cash. It was really hard for anyone to detect that it was fake, except

My brown shoes.

Once upon a time. I had just obtained a bachelor's degree in political science from the university of Ghana. Some friends of mine and I were Teaching assistants to some Lecturers, as national service personnel. It wasn't a very great time in my life. The thing is, I've never had it easy growing up, as a beautiful young woman who had lost both parents. My name is Ayeyi. 👞👞👞 Both of my parents were Petty food traders at a local primary school in my locale. My father was burnt alive one morning as he was preparing the food for sale. Mum suffered an instant heart attack after seeing my father's burnt carcass. I was fifteen back then. And I saw my parents die right in front of me, and there was nothing I could do to save them. 👞👞👞 I bounced around foster homes until I finished Senior high school. Mr Stanley Gyamfi, My foster dad, took me in when I finished Shs. I had just turned 18. I was working as a waitress at a plush restaurant in East legon. He came there for lunc