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The man of my dreams

He takes gentle steps when he walks. But when he runs, he runs towards me and follows with a tight and warm hug. He understands that I can be  indecisive and unstable; so he has memorized my favorite things and knows what I'll love for breakfast, brunch, and the snack before bedtime. 👨 Before I wake, he has already ironed and laid down my clothes, prepared my bathe water and sliced into a plate, some watermelon, pineapple and pawpaw. He then awakens me with soft kisses on my lips, neck and nipples, and whisper in my ears; "good morning, beautiful".  👨 After my long days and nights on my long heels, he lays me down after giving me a good bath, and massages my feet, back and waist till I fall asleep. He's the love of my life. He's the man of my dreams, who exists only in my dreams. 👨

The colony of Funyanya II

On the night of the first month of the year, Funyanya as usual slept in the bossom of her handsome husband, Kambe. She loved it when he sleeps behind her and cuddles her to bed. At dawn, she was awoken by something hard and pointy, pressing on her heavy, round bottoks. Kambe had had his manly morning dose of erection. She smiled and thought to herself, "How convenient!, This might actually work." She turned to face Kambe, He was awake, smiling and looking into her eyes. They shared a deep kiss and made love. During their pillow talk afterwards, she asked Kambe, "what will bring an end to this war in the kingdom?  "I don't think it ever will" Kambe responded, " let's not sway away from what our fathers thought us" "But it's wrong!" She retorted. "Well, even if You and I decide not to be part of it, how do we get everyone else to comply? " He asked. Funyanya rose and hurried to the rivers to fetch some water. 🍆🍆🍆🍆 On

The colony of Funyanya.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful kingdom by the far end of the western sea. The land was green and rich with grains and vegetables. This kingdom, was run by two brothers, Funa and Nyana . For some reason, the natives of this land thought they were demigods and inherited the kingdom from the goddess, Funyanya. The first natives named the land, the colony on Funyanya, long before the brothers were born. 🍆 Funa and Nyana got into a big fight about sharing the goodness and grains of the land during the year of the great famine. Funyanya however intervened and blessed the land once more with her forever flowing mammary milk. The land became abundant again, but the brothers remained enemies. As they grew and made offsprings, they thought their wives and children to hate the other part of the family. Some decades down time, new offsprings had no idea why they hated or were at loggerheads with the other side of the kingdom, but they just knew they were. 🍆🍆 There were days the men f