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It's been three years.

It's been three years since I told myself that I'll step out and sing. It's been three years since I told myself, that I won't let my weaknesses, flaws and negatives run my life. That I won't let being shy, introverted and antisocial mix with my talents. It's been three years. 🎉🎉🎉 February 6, 2018.  There were definitely a lot of challenges and ridicule, but I Knew I needed time. I still do.  Lessons learned:  Give yourself time. Make use of it, make the mistakes, learn from the mistakes. You may never get perfect, but you will become the example people look up to. ❣️  Many people are unable to detect my fears, shyness and insecurities. It's because I have decided not to show it. Nobody knows what I go through  before getting up on a stage to hold up a microphone. I hide a lot in my smiles and stage craft. I let myself go, I concentrate on the music and how to relay the message it carries. I'm not perfect, I'm just a learner. Give it time....  &qu