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The prayer.

My mother says that I can get everything I want when I pray for it. Even though I believe in prayer, I have never received the money and cars I've prayed for all these years. She hasn't either; and she tells me she has outlived money and cars. What she prays for, is for my sisters and I to get the things she never got in life, and also a long, healthy life so that she can witness her daughters living the best life there is. She says that if she knew how effective prayer was, she would have started praying when she was my age and had just had my big sister. 🙏 But I also think that I'll get the money and cars I want when I get a reputable income everyday, every week, or every month. I believe that if I pray and fast for a 100 days without making an effort to create networks, find a job or create one for myself, I may never get the money and cars I want. The lord will however be pleased that I've dedicated a 100 days for him, but I know for sure that we are no longer in