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The thirst

I thirst I yearn I crave I want I need.....🤦 My 'insatiables' will continue to draw energy from my mind, soul and the universe. At times I feel so alone, so unlucky, so rejected, poor and cursed. Then I realize that amidst my imperfections and 'insatiables', I'm also blessed to have been beautifully wrought by he who made me in my mother's womb. (that's what they say🤷) At least he blessed me with some patience and wisdom. And also, she who gave me my first baths; Mum says that She who bathes a baby can actually sculpt and shape how it should look when it gets old.👀😁. Maybe that's why and how I ended up with heavy standing breasts, a round waist and a bouncy backside.🤔 But an incredible 26 years of life's experience has taught me, that one can become whoever they want to become.  It neither matters how she who gave you your first bath sculpted you nor what he who made you in your mother's womb blessed you with; they have already played their

Tales of my mind.

I now know that it pleases my grandma when I pass through her room to say good morning every day and leave her a peck. She also likes it when I buy her a pack of tea bags, a tin of low fat milk and some brown sugar. She has a habit of taking hot tea with milk every morning, in the afternoons and a bowl of fufu with light soup for supper. I now know that grandpa likes to mimic my voice when talking to me and enjoys it when I sit on his laps and hail him "Nana oo Nana!" . Even though he complains that my heavy backside will break his feeble legs one day, he enjoys it anyways because it makes him feel loved and also gives him 'proud grandpa' moments. He also likes to enjoy hot tea and milk with his wife everyday and eats plantain(Bodie ampesie) with gravy for supper. I've had closer interactions with My aunties and cousins since the "lockdown" caused by the outbreak of this centurion pandemic; Corona virus(covid_19). Wherever this virus came from, being n

Day and night

Day..... Everything is clear. The artists say it is so because of the sun. The reflection of the sun on everything is what gives it it's color. Man has named the hue in objects as colours to suit his sight. But how will the blind man identify these colours? Do colours have a smell or feel a certain way? Just before day, there is morning, and there's noon. There's also afternoon. Wait... So are all these time frames not part of the day? Well..... And there comes sunset... Many confuse it with twilight, But I like to think that it's the same. Then we delve into the night.... Where nocturnals invade the serene sound of nature's bliss. The toads croak and the mosquitoes buzz. The scientists and astronomers say that we experience these times because the earth rotates in a certain way in it's orbit. The spiritualists say there is a big man somewhere who keeps these rotations in check. But to the ordinary people... It's day and night. And that's how they me

Story of my life.

My name is Eva-Maria, and this is my story; Selorm and I had been dating for about three months. He was my "dream guy". Even though I'm only 20, I knew that I loved him. He was the second guy I had dated in my life; but he does not believe me when I tell him so. He says that I'm "too beautiful" to have been with only one man in my entire life. It sounded so unreal to him. But that was the truth. It's not that I hadn't been approached by men or seen men, but I knew that I was young and had my whole life ahead of me, so why rush. I told myself that I would only date when I love. My first boyfriend Collins, was amazing; but not perfect. Even though he was the first to make love to me, he was still very insecure because I was "too beautiful" . He would take my phone and delete all the male names saved in my contact list. He would check my messages and demand answers for anything he found unusual. Initially, I did not have a problem with all th

We once bothered not

We once bothered not about pubic hair, but only to keep the hair on our heads neat and short. We once bothered not about wearing skimpy clothes or thongs, but only that our clothes were clean and comfortable to wear. We once bothered not about mensturation and sanitary pads, but only that we had sweet scented powder smeared over our bodies, ready for bed. We once bothered not about the many things that we bother about today. When we were Young and carefree... When were happy, innocent and free...

Gone are the days

Gone are the days when women wore gowns, and men wore robes. Gone are days when love was real and kisses were passionate.  Gone are the days when women raised boys to become men. Gone are those days.... Technology, modernity, has drenched our morals.  Women turn themselves to men, and men to women, The irony. Gone are the days indeed......