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What's why?

How did we get here? When did we get here? What are we doing here? And how will we get there? Our world gets confusing sometimes. We don't choose to get confused, it's just what happens. 📝 It gets confusing because we get drown in doubts, uncertainties and misfortunes. It gets confusing because we hardly see our plans and visions manifested; but when they do get manifested, we find joy and purpose in and for our lives. A lot of things that brings us joy is momentarily. But if you find that one that doesn't fade away, you begin to think that, that's your purpose in your life. Or Is it? 📝📝📝

It's been three years.

It's been three years since I told myself that I'll step out and sing. It's been three years since I told myself, that I won't let my weaknesses, flaws and negatives run my life. That I won't let being shy, introverted and antisocial mix with my talents. It's been three years. 🎉🎉🎉 February 6, 2018.  There were definitely a lot of challenges and ridicule, but I Knew I needed time. I still do.  Lessons learned:  Give yourself time. Make use of it, make the mistakes, learn from the mistakes. You may never get perfect, but you will become the example people look up to. ❣️  Many people are unable to detect my fears, shyness and insecurities. It's because I have decided not to show it. Nobody knows what I go through  before getting up on a stage to hold up a microphone. I hide a lot in my smiles and stage craft. I let myself go, I concentrate on the music and how to relay the message it carries. I'm not perfect, I'm just a learner. Give it time....  &qu

Grains and pearls

I call it grains and pearls because it reflects everything I am, and everything i will ever be. My riches and worth, My values and wisdom, My voice and thoughts, My dreams and imaginations,  My talents, my everything; poured into one record.  Some people will call it an Album, but I will refer to it as a documentation of my grains and pearls. I also call it 'grains and pearls' because this is the Album that will make me, me.  On this piece, I share my ideas with other amazing acts like,  👩‍🦱Lamisi 🧔Atongo Zimba 🧔Kwame Brenya 🧔Kpodo 🧔Obiri Tete Nana Kwame 🧔Agya Sei Korankye 🧔Fimfim 🧔🧔🧔🧔🧔The legon palmwine band 🧔🧔🧔🧔Kwanpa Band And likely other amazing acts that I'm yet to discover.  The record is rich. It is full of grains and pearls. It will be called 'timeless'. It will appear on Tabloids and Bill boards. It will represent Awura-Ama Agyapong, Ghana, Africa to the universe and generations. It is everything you will ever call music.  📀Grains and pear

Tribute to my grandmother, Anna Ankrah.

"Aunty Anna", the name many of her friends and family called her. But to me, she'll always be "Nana". My grandmother, My councilor and friend.  We've always been close. But adulthood and school drew me away from her especially last year. Then came the global pandemic, then the lockdown in Accra; a blessing in disguise; That was when we got closer. All work and schooling activities had been put on hold, so I spent a lot of time with her. There, I learned that it pleases her when I pass through her room to say good morning every day and leave her a peck. I always made her bed and folded her washed clothes. She also liked it when I buy her a pack of tea bags, a tin of low fat milk and some brown sugar. Because of this, she didn't mind sharing her tea with me.(She never shares her tea with anyone 😊) She had a habit of taking hot tea with milk every morning, and in the afternoons, then a bowl of fufu with light soup for supper. I remember her for a lot of th

The Farmer

I had developed severe waist pains which had become unbearable. I couldn't stand for more than Five minutes. I couldn't sit for long, neither could I lie down to sleep in peace. Kwame Brenya, the talented poet, my friend and brother, Sensed my distress and told me about the  Farmer; Kwaku Darko, who is a friend of Akwasi Badu; a saint and Vegetarian. Kwame told me, that Kwaku Darko was not only a Farmer, but also a healer who helps to heal the sick with roots, spices and herbs from his farm at no fee. Since Western medicine had failed me, I decided to travel to the Central with Kwame to visit the Farmer to claim my healing. There, I was going to experience more than just healing.  We arrived in the afternoon. The environment was serene with a lot of vegetations and cold air. "It is a beautiful village". I thought. The smell of the fresh air, the vegetations and the earth mixed with rain water was like home. I felt at home. I saw children running up and down; naked, ha

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell.... What the hell!!! These Imaginative destinations have plunged fear and anarchy amongst the people of this world. Different groups of people Share different Faith. So if you do not share a similar faith with the one you don't belong to, you are deemed misled; therefore will be doomed to hell.  "In heaven, the gates and streets are made of gold and diamonds. There's no hunger, pain or conflict. Everyone wears a beautiful long robe and sing praises to God all day." In other words, you won't have any reason to steal, fight or bully. All you'll have to do is eat, sleep, sing and take a shit when you feel like. "In hell, you serve as the fuel for the eternal burning lake of fire. There's a lot of pain and suffering. You are fed with fire and bathed with fire. It is a pepertual doom for pain and darkness." In other words, you won't have any reason to steal, fight or bully. All you'll have to do is eat, sleep, cry and take a sh

The man of my dreams

He takes gentle steps when he walks. But when he runs, he runs towards me and follows with a tight and warm hug. He understands that I can be  indecisive and unstable; so he has memorized my favorite things and knows what I'll love for breakfast, brunch, and the snack before bedtime. 👨 Before I wake, he has already ironed and laid down my clothes, prepared my bathe water and sliced into a plate, some watermelon, pineapple and pawpaw. He then awakens me with soft kisses on my lips, neck and nipples, and whisper in my ears; "good morning, beautiful".  👨 After my long days and nights on my long heels, he lays me down after giving me a good bath, and massages my feet, back and waist till I fall asleep. He's the love of my life. He's the man of my dreams, who exists only in my dreams. 👨