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Yaw Agyapong's woe.

"After she broke the news to me, There were days the salt tasted like sugar. And other times when my soup tasted like water; Not because my tongue had been cut off nor because my sense of taste was far from reach, but because I had grown numb realizing that she couldn't be mine.
For me, I was already hers. She had bought my entire being at no cost. I cannot exactly tell why I had given my mind, heart and body to her for free, even though she had made it clear that she wasn't even ready to spare me her nail.
So how do I unnumb my mind and heart?
Most importantly, how do I live without her?"


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My dairies as a big breasted representative in the Pink October Month.

October is here again. Drawing the necessary attention to create awareness for breast cancer. However, others perceive it as a time to feast their eyes and enjoy pleasurable views of bare-chested and braless women with stimulated and protruding nipples. I've always had big breasts. Right from my teenage days, when they started developing, my parents and everyone close to me knew that my breasts would stand out and be very prominent. Having big breasts has been a huge struggle; even though it is admired by many, it also welcomed stigma and physical and psychological challenges. The size and shape of an individual's breast rely solely on genetics and weight. The breast tissues can loosen due to factors like old age, lack of exercise, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes. Some people have collated the size and shapes of breasts below; Let's have a look. "Round — The breasts are equally full at the top and bottom. East-west — The right and left breasts go from the cent

The Farmer

I had developed severe waist pains which had become unbearable. I couldn't stand for more than Five minutes. I couldn't sit for long, neither could I lie down to sleep in peace. Kwame Brenya, the talented poet, my friend and brother, Sensed my distress and told me about the  Farmer; Kwaku Darko, who is a friend of Akwasi Badu; a saint and Vegetarian. Kwame told me, that Kwaku Darko was not only a Farmer, but also a healer who helps to heal the sick with roots, spices and herbs from his farm at no fee. Since Western medicine had failed me, I decided to travel to the Central with Kwame to visit the Farmer to claim my healing. There, I was going to experience more than just healing.  We arrived in the afternoon. The environment was serene with a lot of vegetations and cold air. "It is a beautiful village". I thought. The smell of the fresh air, the vegetations and the earth mixed with rain water was like home. I felt at home. I saw children running up and down; naked, ha

Dear old pipe

..... And there I was on my porch, rocking myself up and forth to the rhythm of an unknown melody. Unknown to myself and to the world. 🗑️ My gaze was fixed on the bridge that leads to my hut; while I smoked my pipe with the hopes that the fire I inhale will penetrate my lungs to my heart. Oh yes burn! 🗑️🗑️ Dear pipe whom I smoke, burn it all. Because every fibre of my heart has been murdered. Murdered by my own imaginations and the deeds of men; disrespect and betrayal.  Oh yes, burn it all!  🗑️🗑️🗑️ When it is well cremated, do not worry about the chars. They will escape through my pores and valves. Dear old pipe whom I smoke, burn it all. 🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️